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Improve Penetration & Performance Even Underground

Automated machinery and vehicles, real-time video surveillance, limited site connectivity, secure access for user applications

We Require Fewer Base Stations to Cover the Same Area and Providing a Higher Reliability of Signal

We are committed to providing an open-source platform for management, communication and collaboration, automation of private 5G networks and edge computing applications. 

Precision location capabilities in networks to enable geofencing for safety in remote regions.

mining infographic showing potential applications of mining connectivity

5G for Energy

Private 5G will introduce high-speed connectivity, more connected devices and lower latency, making way for the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry.

Stationary and drone-mounted cameras can help monitor seismic changes, mechanical failures, and natural disasters more effectively. Terminal operators could proactively inspect container ships before they reach the port.

When inside confined spaces, Wi-Fi is inconsistent and cannot penetrate tower walls. Workers can be equipped with biometric monitors to track location and vital signs while dealing with heat, confinement and elevation.

Private 5G can also augment legacy infrastructure. It can provide wireless connectivity to new offshore sites or act as a fall back for existing satellite and wired connections.

Through network slicing, Private 5G allows drilling rigs to operate on their own ultra-reliable, low-latency network slice with individual quality of service guarantees so that network and service resources can be dedicated and negotiated (scaling in, scaling out) dynamically.

5G for Mining

Private 5G will introduce high-speed connectivity, higher throughput, more connected devices and lower latency, making way for remote mining operations.

Private 5G networks are the connecting force for smart mines of the future. Drive efficiency with autonomous vehicles, monitor machinery in real-time, reduce costs with predictive maintenance, automate ventilation and increase productivity with remote drilling.

Through network slicing, Private 5G allows underground drilling rigs to operate on their own ultra-reliable, low-latency network slice. Increase productivity with remote-controlled, semi-autonomous or fully automated drilling operations. Other equipment, such as inspection drones streaming 4K video, can generate significant amounts of data and can now operate on their own network slice without interfering with critical operations.


  • Ultra-fast speeds and massive IoT capabilities
  • Zero latency for instant response times and mission-critical services
  • Increased safety, security and control

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