Private 5G / LTE

Our Private 5G Solution is Backwards Compatible with LTE and Other Cellular Standards

The next generation of private wireless networks for our connected world—4.9G/LTE and 5G—offer new standards of quality, efficiency, and productivity as well as automation, safety, and security.

Industries require highly dependable, low latency, secure wireless communication with high bandwidth to fulfill the demands of AI, machine learning, and automation. Only industrial-grade private wireless networks running on 4.9G/LTE and 5G technology have been shown to be capable of meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0 mission- and enterprise applications. For everything that is important to your operations, from individuals and machines to sensors and analytics, they offer robust, secure, and reliable connectivity.

The basic requirements of a private wireless network are:

  • A Radio Network (RAN)
  • A Core Network
  • A Backhaul Network
  • Access to Licensed, Shared, or Unlicensed Radio Spectrum


Private 5G Network

Professional & Managed Services

Remote Monitoring

User Management


Customer Portal

Private Infrastructure

Small Cell

Packet Core

Optional Local Storage and Compute


Citizens Broadband Radio Service Band

Licensed Spectrum


Enable mobility by extending your network’s operational range across facilities.


Deliver consistent, dedicated connectivity and performance, with the option to authorize remote access.


Benefit from built-in LTE and 5G security, with management and monitoring against threats.


Find scalable solutions for any facility size, spectrum and Quality of Service (QoS) levels.


Be empowered to focus on running your business, not your network.


Get high-bandwidth, low-latency LTE and 5G performance for the most demanding applications.