Reliable & More Secure Connectivity Across your Facility

Remote diagnostics, telemedicine, and health monitoring. Prioritized access to patient records, medial connected devices and 3D imaging.

Carry Medical Records and Scans Over High-Capacity Links for Better Real-Time Diagnostics

We are committed to providing an open-source platform for management, communication and collaboration, automation of private 5G networks and edge computing applications. 

infographic illustrating an example of connectivity for digital healthcare

If you are worried about over-flow capacity, our secure network extension and surveillance video is critical. Video for processing for safety and health will monitor at-risk patients who may have mobility challenges and will raise alarms when accidents occur.

Advantages of 5G For Healthcare

  • Massive Device Connectivity
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • Better Capacity & Ultra-High Speeds
  • Data-Drive Insights

What's Next?

Telemedicine: A network that can support real-time, quality video through a high-speed 5G network to existing infrastructures

Remote Patient Monitoring: Remotely monitor vitals, track medications, and transfer current data to staff members. Increase speed and assist with informed decision making.

Augmented Reality and VR: Used for caring for patients and training clinicians. 5G will help enable doctors, nurses, and staff to visualize procedures or enhance their education.

Data Analysis: Gather greater highly secure data needed to make informed decisions. 5G will support the connection of smart devices, cloud devices, and systems to power big data.

Increase Operations: 5G will support the healthcare ecosystem through low latency live stream video conferencing or remote consultations across miles more efficiently.

Large File Transfers: 5G may improve facility’s ability to transfer larger files faster and more securely.

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