Reliable & More Secure Connectivity Across your Facility

Remote diagnostics, telemedicine, and health monitoring. Prioritized access to patient records, medial connected devices and 3D imaging.

Carry Medical Records and Scans Over High-Capacity Links for Better Real-Time Diagnostics

We are committed to providing an open-source platform for management, communication and collaboration, automation of private 5G networks and edge computing applications. 

If you are worried about over-flow capacity, our secure network extension and surveillance video is critical. Video for processing for safety and health will monitor at-risk patients who may have mobility challenges and will raise alarms when accidents occur.

Advantages of 5G For Healthcare

  • Massive Device Connectivity
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • Better Capacity & Ultra-High Speeds
  • Data-Drive Insights

What's Next?

Telemedicine: A network that can support real-time, quality video through a high-speed 5G network to existing infrastructures

Remote Patient Monitoring: Remotely monitor vitals, track medications, and transfer current data to staff members. Increase speed and assist with informed decision making.

Augmented Reality and VR: Used for caring for patients and training clinicians. 5G will help enable doctors, nurses, and staff to visualize procedures or enhance their education.

Data Analysis: Gather greater highly secure data needed to make informed decisions. 5G will support the connection of smart devices, cloud devices, and systems to power big data.

Increase Operations: 5G will support the healthcare ecosystem through low latency live stream video conferencing or remote consultations across miles more efficiently.

Large File Transfers: 5G may improve facility’s ability to transfer larger files faster and more securely.

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