Kyrio ARC Mobile

Improved Coverage and Reliability

Despite advances in mobile technology, users still experience frustration when cellular networks have too much traffic, but it can be disruptive to check for and switch to an available WiFi network every time performance slows. And just because cellular networks and WiFi networks may be located together doesn’t mean they’re able to work well together for seamless handoffs. This can result in user complaints, as well as increased costs for operators due to inefficient traffic routing.

To solve these problems, Sparro is pleased to partner with Kyrio to provide its ARC Mobile solution for Adaptive Route Control. With ARC Mobile, operators can automatically route user traffic over 4G/5G LTE or WiFi networks, depending on network quality and availability.

Estimates Network Performance

Application Based Policy Routing

Built for Operator Agility & Control

Ensures Session Continuity

Scales Based on Operator Needs






Automated Routing for Best Performance

ARC Mobile uses network probing algorithms and crowdsourced data to determine the best network to use based on current traffic. The solution can decide when it would be beneficial to route traffic to a different available network and automatically handle re-routing as needed.

Customizable Policies

Operators can even set up different policies for different types of traffic (such as videoconferencing, streaming, or gaming) to achieve the best performance.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Designed for security, scalability, and efficiency, the ARC Mobile solution uses a client-server architecture, and the server components can be hosted onsite, in the data center, or in the cloud.

Better Operator Control

Operators can monitor system performance in real-time and control the user experience to achieve business, technology, and marketing objectives.

Improved User Experience

ARC Mobile’s ability to hand off traffic automatically and seamlessly yields improved performance at a lower cost without disrupting the user’s experience.

For improved network performance and a better user experience - SPARRO has you covered.