Our Private 5G Solution is Backwards Compatible with LTE and Unlicensed Wireless Solutions

Businesses can’t be run with dropped connections and lag time. Therefore, we provide you robust enterprise Wi-Fi network solutions. Our enterprise solutions support larger masses with no dropped signals.

What to Think About When Finding an Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution

  1. Coverage: Think about your company holistically. You will need multiple access points (APs) to ensure there are no dead zones. Determine your high traffic zones.
  2. Wireless Network Controller: On-Premises and cloud-based wireless controllers. Cloud based controllers will provide a centralized location to configure, communicate and control your APs, allowing for an easier oversight of the network.
  3. Quality of Service (QoS): This will limit bandwidth usage in areas of the network to ensure APs are prioritizing applications.
  4. Scale: Think about the future growth and plan how to scale your networks when situations may arise.
  5. Dual-band: It is always good to have a backup in case something falls.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

The next generation of Wi-Fi technology built with IoT technology in mind. Increase efficiencies, capability and dynamic performance.

Wi-Fi 6 is purpose-built for the connected world we live in today.

Better performance in congested areas

Businesses with high traffic or in condensed urban areas can often experience slow Wi-Fi. Many signals are sharing spectrum not designed to handle the kind of bandwidth strain that is common today. The various technologies that create Wi-Fi 6 make for better spectrum efficiency and increase the capacity to handle large amounts of devices.

Reduced power needs

Businesses can expect their IoT devices to use less power and have longer battery lives while on Wi-Fi 6, cutting down on the cost and time associated with keeping your devices powered up.

Latest security standards

Wi-Fi 6 contains an updated security protocol, WPA3, that provides greater defense against malicious cyberattacks. Help keep your sensitive data safe and keep yourself protected with the latest threats.

5 Key Technologies of Wi-Fi 6